Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quilting has begun...

I'm excited to have started on the actual quilting today. Hopefully it will show up in the pictures. Of course, quilting always, but always looks better in person. No matter how many pictures I take or how good they are, something is always lost in a photo of the fine details of the textural stitching and the three dimensional aspect. This is the "quilt sandwich" the top is face down, the batting is the white stuff. The fishy fabric will be the backing--have to keep with the marine theme!

Here is the sandwich all safety pinned together.

The safety pins are "quilter's pins"--they have a curve in them to aid in getting them to pierce all three layers of the sandwich.

This is what the tentacles look like prior to the quilting. The yarn is tacked down to the top but I need to sew through all three layers now.

I have now sewn through all layers (=quilting) with a dark pink thread in a jagged zig-zag stitch. I thought it would look more stingy and tentacley and it does. (trust me, in person it looks very stingy and icky!)

And then my daughter snuck up on me and took my picture as I was sewing. Thanks, Fiona!

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