Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is where I left off--a detached jellyfish. Hmmm, what are those little bobbles off to the side on the work surface (my stained ironing board, btw) ?? I'll not divulge their role just yet, but aren't they cute?

The central tube has a flower-like end organ so I sketched it out on tracing paper here.

I chose a very light, almost chartreuse, yellow for the organ. Here it is all cut out and laid down. Notice I traced the center details in pencil as a sewing guideline for myself.

And now I've embroidered that detail in some delicious watermelon pink thread. Don't worry about all of the loose threads--they'll be trimmed and tucked in the back out of sight.

Time for tentacles! I've traced out the larger ones on my original tracing paper template. I like their curves.

Here I've already made the tentacles with more of that transparent pattern fabric and laid them in place. Hey--they look pretty good! I can't sew them all down at once--some go on the jellyfish itself and some go on the background with the jellyfish on top of them. Careful planning is key!

Now its time for the long, thin tentacles. I'm using some pink yarn that is variable in thickness. I've got it laid out here in a possible configuration.

Here's my first tentacle pinned into place. I will couche it down (now there's a good word!) with some slightly sparkly/iridescent thread. You can see the chalk outline for the body of the jellyfish so that the placement is not lost.

Stay tuned!

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