Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Celestial Journals

You may well ask where I get my supplies, and I would say: that's a good question! A lot of my stuff I have had for years (in some cases since I was a kid, even) and other things I just come across and snap up for a rainy day. But sometimes I need a particular item right now, so I have to go out and get it. I have been known to hit up Home Depot, Michael's and JoAnn's, among others. If they all fail me, or its a more esoteric item, I must search on-line. In those cases I check out etsy vendors, ebay and sometimes even Amazon. So far, I have almost always successful.

So, recently I purchased a collection of National Geographic maps for my various paper projects and when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that one of the maps was not a world map but a map of the heavens. The journals that I covered earlier in the week turned out so nicely, I wanted to create celestial composition note books too.

Above, you can see the full size notebooks; one with the southern hemisphere sky and one with the northern hemisphere heavens.

Below are a couple of mini notebooks featuring particular constellations.

I think I will never have to buy another "special" notebook for journaling again!

Monday, September 03, 2012

The August Baldwin Park Art Stroll

 I thought you all might enjoy seeing a few pictures of the local Art Stroll that I have been participating in. Its held at the Baldwin Park town center on the first Friday of the month and features all sorts of artists and crafts people. Its just for a single evening which I like--no whole weekend commitment!

Here I am with my back to the pillar. In the fore ground is my neighbor at the show, Parker Sketch.

Next to one of my card racks.
My daughter, Fiona, helped me set up and kept me company. I was very grateful for her help.

I'll be showing up for the September Art Stroll this Friday, so if you are in the Orlando area, stop by and say hi!

Map covered composition notebooks

Hello my dear friends. I have been busy working and crafting and have a couple of new things to share with you. I have made a little progress in the sewing department but crafting once again has been taking center stage. I've also had a big push to get all of my finished items up and available on my etsy store. I find that the crafting is fun. The picture taking, editing and computer work, eh.. not so much.

 My latest craft is pretty simple but with a super WOW factor--at least I think so. Hopefully, you will too.

Another map project--this time covering composition notebooks. I love the size and heft of them so it seemed like a natural extension of my love for map crafts.

Here are four full sized composition notebooks, all covered with vintage maps from National Geographic magazine which I purchased from ebay. (you can buy anything on ebay, I swear).

 Don't you just want to sit down and start writing? I'm very tempted to keep some of these for myself, I can tell you.
 And even more adorable are these mini composition notebooks. So cute! Love the way these turned out.
My daughter had to snag one of these as soon as she saw them. Perfect for you purse or pocket, wouldn't you say?