Thursday, March 07, 2013

T-shirt yarn challenge

Ya know, not every craft idea works out.

I haven't knitted anything with my t-shirt yarn in a while and I thought I might try to work out something that was new for my etsy store utilizing this grand recycled medium. I've made bath/floor mats and trivets of various sorts and sizes with t-shirt yarn and I wanted a new knitted project.

Cup cozies sounded like a brilliant idea! Everyone is walking around with a paper cup from Starbucks or their own refillable tall cup these days and they all need a cozy, right? Right? Of course!

Time to get cracking: in an effort to eliminate seams, I first tried knitting in the round with (enormous) double pointed needles. These babies are like broomsticks, I tell you. But they are beautifully made and a pleasure to touch and use so I forged ahead.

Anyway, I thought that tube looked kinda clunky so I ripped it all out again. Stockinette stitch just looked wrong.

 So then I tried garter stitch knit from one end to the other and thus wrapped around the cup sideways. Which, of course, was going to force me to graft up a seam. Oh well.
And here is the finished product.


Gotta say: I'm not a fan. Its clunky. Its big. Its so big, in fact, that its hard to wrap one hand around it.

Back to the drawing board....

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Crafting and Wine: a cautionary tale

So last weekend I was catching up on restocking my inventory by making some more of my notebooks with the celestial star map covering. I had just gotten two maps in from eBay and made 7 large notebooks and 4 minis.

It seems like I've made a zillion of these by now so I took the liberty of pouring myself a little Chardonnay. Things were going swimmingly when...

I made this one------------------------------------------------>

Do you see it? No?

Look closer. I mounted the paper upside down.  Gahhhh. Once applied there is no peeling the paper off, let me tell you.

Sigh. Anyone want a celestial notebook at a discount?