Friday, July 15, 2011

Maps + Butterflies + Envelopes

I took the day off work today--my day job that is! But I did work all day on finishing up a bunch of crafts, taking pictures of them and uploading them to my new etsy store. So what was I up to to with all of those maps and butterflies???

Vintage map butterfly note cards, of course!

Here's a set of four that I made out of vintage National Geographic maps. They are a larger size and have matching butterflies and envelopes. I also made some of these in a smaller size using white or cream card stock for the cards.

Looking through my stash I saw that I had some lovely translucent vellum envelopes left over from a Christmas card project from years ago so I snagged those for this set. I just love the see-through aspect. So pretty and unexpected.

Of course you remember my business envelopes from a couple of posts ago, too, right? You saw them in their nude, ungummed state.
I have since glued down their sides and. . . wait for it . . . applied a lickable gum adhesive on the flap so you can seal it like a real envelope: Crafter's Companion Envelope Gum 2 Fl Oz CCEG1; 3 Items/Order  How cool is that?

I tried it out and licked one closed--yup, it really works!

So obviously I've been busy as a beaver and now I formally invite you to check out my new etsy shop: Think of it as a digital open house! Here's a smattering of the items I uploaded:

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