Saturday, March 28, 2009

In the home stretch!

I was very productive today with artistic endeavors and even with cleaning (vacuuming most of the house)! Whew! I certainly didn't start out he day planning to do that; it just happened somehow. Anyway, all the sewing is done so today I had the finishing chores in front of me. Here I have cut the erstwhile sleeve from the backing fabric. It is 9" tall by the width of the piece -1". I have double folded and ironed the edges here.

Its a little hard to see but I have sewn up the sleeve (a tube, really) and pinned it to the back of the jellyfish. This has to be hand sewn so that the stitches won't show on the front. This tube will then house a wooden slat that can be threaded with some wire or wall mounted on two nails.

This is how I sign my pieces: with a small tag sewn behiond the lower right corner of the piece with the title, my name and the date. I make them up ahead of time and keep a supply on hand. As you can see, I have named this piece "Benthic Medusa."

Normally, I would be done at the above stage. But I had in mind some further embellishments that I thought would be somewhat delicate and so would not be amenable to the handling involved in all of the manipulations of the last stage. Remember those bobbles? Here they are again and I'm going to glue them down with...wait for it...glitter glue. How much fun is that???!!

The bobbles are in place now--don't they look cool? And if you check Haeckel's original plate (see the first post on 3-18-09) there really are some little spherules arranged on the large tentacles.

I've used the glitter glue to add some highlights and sparkle all over. Here is a close-up of the jellyfish cap.

I'll post the whole, completed jellyfish tomorrow!

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