Monday, March 23, 2009

And it starts to get glittery...

Hi all. I decided that I needed some more glitz so now that the small tentacles are done, I've turned to my favorite shiny stuff: Angelina fibers. Here it is in the little packets it comes in. Its loose, fluffy stuff.

Here is some of the loose Angelina in the gold color. It also has some flashes of iridescent blue in it too.

Now comes the magic! A quick hot iron application and--Voila! The fibers have all heat fixed to each other and formed a sheet that can be cut and sewn. I sandwich the fibers between 2 silicone sheets for the actual ironing process (you can use tissue paper, too.)

Here's a bunch of the other color I used: Calypso Blue. KInd of in the same color range as the blue flashes in the gold stuff.

And here is the sheet it made after ironing.

Using a tracing paper template (just can't do without that stuff!) I cut and placed some ridges on the jellyfish cap.

And here are the echoing ridges on the inside of the cap. These are pretty filmy pieces, I'll have to be pretty careful sewing/quilting them down.
That's all for today!


sol y luna said...

Wow. I stumbled across your blog, and I'm so glad I did. Your work is amazing. I've only just gotten into quilting, and you really show that it can be art; glorious expression.

one4blue said...

Excellent work !!!