Friday, March 27, 2009

OK--what about MY jellyfish??

Its been a busy day and I've been putting the final touches on my jellyfish. More quilted details including yet another color of Angelina fibers at the top of the jellyfish cap. This one is called "purple flash".

Here's the fluff of the purple flash prior to ironing. I need a long, skinny shape so I have pulled it out appropriately.

And here it is all ironed and hot-fixed.

The shape I had left over looked very like a mustache so I asked Fiona to model it for me. I think she is quite fetching in an iridescent blue mustache, don't you?

Its pretty small, but I think you can make out the purple flash at the top of the cap.

The flower organ (you remember that thing, right?) also cried out for some jazzing up. After some deliberation, I chose to quilt and embellish at the same time by going around the central watermelon pink embroidery with some hot pink metallic thread. Its jazzy all right (in a thready kind of way).

So here's the whole thing. Pretty much done (at least with all of the sewing).

Now its time for a careful ironing (can't let the bare, hot iron touch the Angelina fibers) to flatten everything into one plane. Then I trim the whole thing down to a regular rectangle. Its a persnickety job that involves a lot of measuring. If its not cut square now, it will hang funny and look off forever.

The raw edges have to be finished in some way or other--there are lots of options. For representational artquilts of this type, I usually use my machine's blanket stitch all the way around a couple of times. If there is some of the white batting still showing egregiously, I darken it with a black sharpie.

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