Friday, March 27, 2009

More of Ed's Art and... an Art Duel!

Ed has been sharing some of his smaller pen and ink pieces with me. Amazing, intricate, wry, amusing all come to mind as descriptions. This forest scene is my favorite.

Since he loves the small scale (which also intrigues me), I had an inspiration and challenged him to an "art duel". I had received some miniature canvases in my goody bag from Nude Nite (see the post from 3-16-09). We will both use these tiny canvases (they are 2"x3") to create some art in the medium of our choice. We will have a week to complete our works and then I will post them on this blog and let folks vote for their favorites by leaving comments. Everyone has to promise to be objective! And not leave multiple posts (surely not!). I'm very excited about the whole process!! Here's a pic of one of those canvasses--they're really small!

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