Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jellyfish cont...

So in case you were wondering, the jellyfish in the upper left corner of Haeckel's plate from my previous post was the one that caught my eye. So here is the progress I made yesterday with my fabric collage beast. Here is my description of my work yesterday. I apologize that the text runs down, but the images very obviously run from the bottom to the top. My apologies! This is the first time I have tried loading this many images. But I think you can figure it out. I'll try to allow for that phenomenon next time!
First, the pencil sketch on tracing paper. I looove tracing paper and couldn't function without it.
Next, the background piece in a hot pink blobby fabric and a purple spotted fabric for the pattern at the top.
I've chosen to use hand batiked fabrics because they look so natural and organic--really the best choice when I am rendering living organisms. Next, I cut out some very transparent "fabric" for a see-through bottom rim. Its actually stuff meant to be used as a lightweight pattern for dress-making. Heavier than paper but lighter than woven fabric. I like the way it looks by itself and overlaid on other opaque fabrics.
Don't know if you can really make it out but here I have sewn down the white stuff. I use a glue stick to stick all my fabrics together while I'm sewing collages of this sort. Regular sewing pins allow for too much slippage.
How about a nice lime green ridge? Also batiked fabric, of course (but no dots on this one).
Doesn't that lime green go well with the hints of green in the underlying pink fabric. Its vibrant! Love that. OK, time for the projection thing that comes out of the bottom of the jellyfish. A school bus yellow orange was my pick. Here it is laid out but not sewn down.

Are you intriqued?? I hope so. Check back again soon for the next jellyfish construction installment!

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