Monday, April 20, 2009

Textile Postcards

So, I mentioned postcards a post ago and promised to show some. I always keep some scrap fabric on the side when I'm creating so that I can quickly try out a decorative stitch or thread color or quilting pattern. These scraps often turn out looking pretty cool so I have started turning them into 4" x 6" fabric postcards. I use a stiff batting called TimTex and add a white backing. And, yes, they do go through the mail. The postal workers squint and frown a little when presented with a textile postcard (its quite amusing, actually). Then they measure it to be sure its the right size. You do have to use some extra postage compared to a normal postcard and they do have to be hand-stamped. But then, off they go! What a cool surprise to send someone!

BTW, the fanciful sea cucumber (well, my my idea of such) in the next to last position will be entered in the Cordova, AK Fish Follies show. Check out their past shows at:

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