Thursday, April 02, 2009

Beary interesting....

Fiona had to make a Papa Bear puppet for a class project so, of course, I thought it would be cute to document her creative process too. Here is the template she was given (right) and the cardboard base.

Naturally, since I save everything, I had some great fake fur in my stash. A few years ago it became a "caveman" vest for one of the boys. I had a lot left over so Fiona had no problem cutting out what she needed. Its so very beary, isn't it?

Here is the completed Papa Bear, with googly eyes, a bobble nose (remember the bobbles from the jellyfish?), a pipe cleaner mouth and spiffy bow-tie. He looks great and Fiona was well pleased. One of the best parts was having everything on hand already! Love that!


Jackie said...

Very cute Fiona! Does the bear have a name?

Elizabeth said...

Yes, Jackie! His name is Very Hairy Beary!