Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another paper foundation quilt

I forgot to add one of my favorite quilts yesterday when I posted about paper foundation piecing. All of the (stylized) mountains were done on a paper foundation. Its a little hard to tell here with this small pic but there are no truly straight lines in this quilt-I sewed down all of those triangular mountains in gentle curves, ironed them flat, then sewed new seams to take up the wrinkles that I had produced.

See the story behind this quilt (and why I have a Baba Yaga link in my favorite links box) at my art website:

BTW--don't forget, you can click on any image that I have posted and a larger version will pop up allowing you to see more details. Naturally, these photos are copyrighted by me--please don't download them or use them online without my permission.

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