Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pig tail thing-a-ma-bobs

 Hi all!

As promised: a bunch of new pics--this time of ornamented pig tail elastics for the little girls among us.

Some pink wool felted flowers.

And some blue wool felted flowers.

 Here are a couple of covered buttons that I put together employing the hand embroidered portions of a vintage tablecloth. It was stained and unuseable but the embroidery was just to nice to toss so I have been saving it for years. Finally, I have use for all of that fine needlework!

And here is a close-up of these pretty little violets. Such lovely embroidery. So sweet for a little girl, I think.

Here are some covered buttons with a more modern take. This is not vintage fabric, but the whole princessy thing was just to hard to resist.

If my daughter were still 3, I would most certainly be using these on her!

Here's another pair, this time from vintage bed linens. Two little hedgehogs; a boy and a girl.

This cover was my favorite as small child. I would stare at these little hedgehog people and the other critters for hours. Or it seemed so to me, anyway. Brings back the warm and fuzzies for me! :)

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