Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pizza extravaganza

Its been a couple of weeks and I have lots of goodies saved up for posting. But I'll spread them out a little over the next couple of days. So check back, ok?

I haven't posted about any food items in a long time so I think its definitely time to get those taste buds tingling. No sweets today, but some lovely home-made pizzas. Those of you who know me in real life, may remember that many long years ago I put myself through school working in a variety of pizza joints. So I appreciate a good pizza and really looove a great one. We've had a few delivery pizzas lately and they've been OK (except when I accidentally ordered some bizarro combination one time when I was just a little bit tiddly. OK, maybe more than a just little bit, but that's why I was staying home and not driving anywhere, wasn't it?). But I remembered to pick up some shells at the store finally and came up with these three gems. All were terrific and I will endeavor to replicate them again soon.

Fiona had:
Tomato sauce + herbs + shredded mozzarella + mini (turkey) pepperoni + sliced black olives

A simple, yet elegant pizza.

Ed had his favorite, a Hawaiian combo:
Tomato sauce + herbs + shredded mozzarella + chopped canadian ham + mini (turkey) pepperoni + carmelized white onions + roasted and deskinned red bell peppers + crushed pineapple.

He liked it but I didn't get enough pineapple on it for his taste. I 'll be sure to load it up next time. I think I'll buy chunks rather than the crushed next time too. At the table, he also generously added anchovies. :/  I had balked at putting them on, but he really wanted them. To each his own! But overall, a success nonetheless.

And I'm saving the best for last! Here's my delectable veggie  pizza on a nice thin and crispy crust:

Tomato sauce + herbs + shredded mozzarella + sliced fresh mozzarella + carmelized white onions + roasted and deskinned red bell peppers + sauteed portabello mushrooms + pickled artichoke heart wedges. Oh my. It was soo good. Nothing like delivery at all.
And the leftovers were even better the next day, too!

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