Monday, February 06, 2012

Domino Pendents

Currently, I've been enjoying making some more jewelry from recycled materials. I had pinned several tutorials for pendents using a base of Scrabble tiles on my Pinterest boards but they all struck me as being rather smallish. So when I saw the same technique depicted with a domino tile instead I was much more interested. And it just so happens that we had a vintage set of 'em laying around the house that no-one much bothered with. So with a little shopping for the sealer and the hardware, I was in business. Here are my first two efforts made from materials that I mostly already had.

 A book of stickers of Frida Kahlo's artwork supplied the image for the first piece and it was easy to choose an appropriately sized sticker for the domino. The second one features a word trimmed from one of those vintage cigar box labels I found on Ebay a month ago.

Ebay came to the rescue again for the findings: the small silver tone screw eye and the Bali style bail. Seriously, I think you can find just about anything on Ebay.

Of course, almost every new project type necessitates  at least one trip to Home Depot and this was no exception: the insanely small screw eyes that hold the bail (loopy thing) were not large or strong enough to just screw into the wood (which is, of course, ebony) so I needed to drill a hole. A tiny, tiny hole. So a new universal chuck and a mini drill bit set for the dremel tool we already owned was in order. Sigh. So much for a cheap project.

That's OK. I'm all set now and have another 8 in the works! So stay tuned, I'll post them soon.

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