Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recycle mania

Hi everyone--I've got two new projects cooking so I need to fill you in! The first is an offshoot of my T-shirt textile postcards. I'll be selling my postcards in a fun shop down in Winter Park soon, so I was gearing up to make enough for the order. The shop is Earth Inspired Living and it is just perfect for my T-shirt postcards. Or my postcards are perfect for the shop. Hopefully they will sell well and I'll get lots of future orders for more cards. I'm pretty excited to enter the world of retail.

Sooooo....I got to looking at all of the leftover T-shirt material after I had cut out the images for the cards and thought: "hmmmmm, hate to throw all of that away". So I cut the remaining shirt material into continuous inch (or so) wide strips and knotted them together as you can see here. Looks suspiciously like a ball of yarn, doesn't it? Did you know that I'm a big knitter from way back? Haven't done any knitting lately--we just don't need wool socks and sweaters here in Florida so its pretty pointless.  So I dug out my needles and started playing around. A little experimenting with knitting and crocheting and I hit upon the right procedure and guage. I'm thinking: bathmats, trivits, coasters, small rugs. Should be fun!  I'll post more pictures soon, stay tuned!

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