Saturday, December 05, 2009

Scone pix!

After writing out the recipe in my previous post, I just had to have some,so I whipped up a quick batch. They mix up quickly and bake in a flash. Here they are along with some tips.

Here's my pastry cutter. I think it came from my local grocery store. There are several different designs of these things--make sure you have a good sturdy one.

I've cut the stick of butter into slices and added it to my mixed dry ingredients here.

I've put my pastry cutter/blender to use and am done with the integration of the butter. Remember, don't go for small even bits--larger uneven chunks yield melt in your mouth scones!

The white chocolate...

coursely chopped.

Wet and dry ingredients have come together and everything has been lightly mixed. Overmixing kills the texture so only mix until all the dry ingredients are barely moistened.

The batter has been spooned into my handy-dandy scone pan. Its pretty lump bumpy sticky stuff.

The final sprinkle of demerrara sugar has been added. it will contribute to a crisp upper surface.

I love using large crystal sugar as a baked topping. It sparkles so nicely.

Fifteen minutes later... here they are! Wish I could share with all of you!

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