Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas cards cont.

More christmas cards...

Each one of these cards is a unique original mixed media collage featuring fabric, Angelina fibers (you know I love that stuff) and more, permanently mounted on heavy white card stock. This series is a limited edition and so they are all signed and numbered in pencil by the artist (me!). The card is 5" x 7" and, of course, comes with a matching white envelope. There is no interior text; I end up writing something different in each card when I send it.

Up close you can see the different components. I think the shiny cellophane tape helps to hold it all down (I did have adhesion issues with this one) and helps to make the image sparkly and shiny. Perfect for a christmas image.

A nostalgic Christmas tree graces this 5" x 7" card rendered in molded heavy paper. Heavy white card stock is the base that supports the Christmas tree rectangle. The tree rectangle is made by pressing wet pulp paper into a springerle mold. The rectangle was carefully dried and then spray painted gold at a sharp angle to accentuate the three dimensional aspects. When that was dry, the rectangle was mounted on some thin foam on the actual card. This allows the rectangle to float above the surface of the card and cast a slight shadow.

You can really see the floating aspect from this angle. Cool, huh?

Tomorrow: more cards and a few recipes, too. Stay tuned for 5 minute brownies, white chocolate/macadamia nut scones and black bean salad.

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