Monday, September 18, 2006

Zooming along

Haven't posted in a while (frankly, I forgot all about this blog!!) Well, life goes on. Kids, work, husband, yada yada yada. Quilting? Exciting stuff happening just now. Finished a piece recently that was directly from a dream and pretty intense. Still working on a title for it; probably something like: "Confrontation in a Jungian landscape". After that I had to relax a little and have been working on a playful piece. Just finished the top for a modern-day Flemish still life complete with huge urn of flowers, fruit, vegetables and a floppy dead turkey. Nestled in with the fruit is cell phone. The cell phone image I dredged up from the internet and printed out onto treated fabric for the inkjet. Very cool! Since I used many different fabrics with different values and printing qualities I spent a lot of time altering the fabrics with pens and markers. Likewise, the backgraound fabric was not dark enough around the outer edges so I attacked it with spray paint (yup--rust-oleum!) and fabric paint. The whole thing is finished up with a Trompe l'oeil golden frame. Fabulous! Now I just have to quilt it....

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