Thursday, September 28, 2006

Doodling on my Husqvarna

Its Thursday and I rejoice 'cause I don't have to go in to my day job. I have the whole morning to myself and plan on spending it in my studio. I have several started projects that desperately need to be finished so I'll putter away at those. Most are at the quilting stage which is usually the least exciting for me. Of course, I gotta work on a fun new thing, too....

I'm getting together another entry to a local exhibit together. It will be my first art venue in Orlando. I look forward to it and hope that I have more than 1 of my 3 entries juried into the show. I hope it will herald my entry into the Orlando art scene.

On a related note, this week I committed to teaching a class on a "fabric still life" at the local quilt shop. Not sure how that will work but its a step in the direction of making my art self-supporting. Of course, I also committed to producing one or more samples for the class as my original "Dutch Master" still life is way overboard in what can be accomplished in a single day's class. I'll get a pic of that up soon--it turned out really well and truly looks like one of those paintings of the Dutch or Flemish masters with a dark background, big vase of flowers and then fruit, veggies and game on the table. I used a turkey for an american flavor and also included a little anachronistic item as a little twist. I won't mention it here--I'll let you look for it once I post it--Hah!

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