Friday, April 08, 2011

Christmas cards leftovers

I was scanning the archives today and realized that I never posted the 2010 Christmas cards. Shame on me! So without any further ado, here they are. 2010's cards featured some filamentous yarn and some heavy textured paper from a gift bag. I started with a large hole punch....

Isn't it great? I'm pretty good at cutting things out but there's no way I can cut a perfect, smooth circle. This punch (from Michaels, or see the one here: Uchida LV-SJCP40 Clever Lever Super Jumbo Craft Punch, 2-Inch Circle) takes care of that issue in a snap,

A gift bag was sacrificed to yield these beautiful circles in a red metallic paper with an alligator texture finish. Very eye-catching!

Here's my tree branch made out of that filamentous yarn (a swipe of glue stick Avery Glue Stic, 0.26 oz, Pack of 6, (98095) holds it down) and the ornament I punched out. I've adhered my ornament with a raised adhesive stickers.

And I couldn't forget the little thingamabob on top of every ornament!  So I covered a sticky dot with aluminum foil, shaped it a bit and then stuck it into place.

Not bad! I really like the dimensional aspect of the ornament and the yarn. Silver ink was drawn in to indicate the ornament's hook. And then they were all signed at the bottom as usual.

Unfortunately I ran out of the green yarn so a few cards went out with iridescent white branches. (uh, snowy, right??!)

Then that ran out too and some post-modern versions went out with purple branches and gold ornaments (kind of an LSU theme).  So much for Christmas 2010! Wonder what the 2011 cards will be? hmmm

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