Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Back in the studio this weekend and got all of the quilting done! Yay!

Have to bury all of those loose ends--a tedious job. But it has to be done.

I finally got to the print stripes. I chose a light rose pink thread for the quilting.

I almost forgot that I needed 2 circles for the end pieces of that cylinder. Here's the "quilt sandwich". No fancy stripes here, just the floral print.

And here they are all quilted. Pretty simple, really.

I decided that the striped piece was just a little blah--it was missing something. The stripes weren't cohesive. So I added some decorative stitching on the boundary of each one of the stripes. A featherstitch in yellow for each one. I like it now!

And then, since I was still going for that homey, cottage look, I decided to wash the two pieces before assembling them. The cotton in the top, batting and backing all shrink up just a little, leaving a puckered, wrinkled effect. Not what I go for in my artquilts but perfect for a pillow cover. So this has been washed.

Maybe you can see the puckers a little better here. 

Next step: assembly!

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