Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I was in the final preparation phase today for the Art Stroll tomorrow. I talked to my friend, Cheryl Jones Evans we seemed to be all set with my table, her display boards etc. etc. As I was chatting with her, it dawned on me that I needed a sign for my display with my name! Duh. Of course, the sign would have to be a quilted hanging--what else. So here is what I put together.

Here's the whole thing. I used several colors of permanent markers to write out the "Celestial Textiles" and the "". I was shooting for several things: #1. my name (!)-- I wanted that to be seen and recognized first and foremost. #2. The fact that my name is actually spelled out as a URL lets people know they can go to there and see more of my works. #3. The title "Celestial Textiles", if googled, will lead to my 2 celestial textiles sites: this blog and my etsy store. So the sign is a sign for the show, some branding of celestial textiles, and references to my websites all in one!

A detail shows the quilting, drawing and gold bias strip for trimming.

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