Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feline fun

Not to worry followers--I've been busy with a bunch of simple little pieces for a one night show for a gallery in Columbus, Ohio called Zen Cat Gallery: The gallery is dedicated to cats and I was asked to submit some Zen or cat inspired pieces. Well, I did have a little bit of cat fabric that I thought I could use--kind of funky and tribal with a black background. Not really Zen, but definitely cats. So I decided to make 6 small hangings that could be grouped together or separately using the same large palette of fabrics.

I've pieced the tops and am free form quilting in appropriate colored thread.

The quilting is done and I decided to apply a real binding of fabric.

Here are four of the six I completed.

A close-up of one of them--bright and fun. I think they'd look nice arranged vertically or horizontally or?

I hope they are well received! I think I'll send five of these on to the Zen Cat Gallery and post one for sale on my online shop at Etsy: I made several textile postcards with the leftover scraps and pieces of the tribal cats (and some other scraps as well). You'll see some of those on my Etsy site, too. Check it out!

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