Thursday, November 01, 2007

Whew---that was easy (NOT)

A couple of months ago I committed to donating a piece to be auctioned off at a fund-raiser for the university arboretum here in Orlando. No sweat, I thought, I'll have lots of time to whip up something. Well, lah de dah and time flew by...last Sunday I finally thought to check the date and, YIKES, it was due in on Friday, Nov. 2!! OMG! Ack! Eeek! Time to come up with an idea and put the pedal to the metal. The sewing machine pedal, that is. Since the fundraiser was for the UCF Arboretum I reasoned that the piece had to be botanical. So...I based my design on some evening photos that I took recently of a night blooming Brugmansia or Angel's Trumpet we have in our yard (see pic to the right; sorry its a little dark). OK, too many flowers, I decided to limit it to 3 in my piece but I loved the black background and the shapes and color of the flowers. Well, I have created, cut, fused, sewn and quilted like the wind and the piece is done--just in time for me to take it in tomorrow. Whew! While such a deadline did put the pressure on (which I didn't like) it did also jump-start a good creative flow (LOVE that). I'd finished a small astronimcal piece the week before and have another in the works to finish tomorrow as well. So check out my galleries soon (botanical and astronomical) for those 3 newbies. And if I really get my act together, I'll post new pictures of me, too. (I have recently achieved my weight loss goal, and who wants old fat pictures on their web-site??). Well, I'll never procrastinate like THAT again. My fingers are literally sore and my eyes are weary from all of the black on black quilting and sewing (love the look, hate that particular process). But I finished it, dammit, and it looks good (see pic to the left above). I can sleep the sleep of the just tonight for sure.

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